Knowledge possess no Boundaries.

Knowledge Knows No Limits. To nurture minds and democratize the idea of education it is important to know the importance of it. Education is like a passport to the future we desire. We Are Building A Community That Believes In Active Learning And Promotes Education. It Is A Form Of Connected Learning And Is Highly Effective. We Welcome You All To Be A Part Of Our Community And Share Your Knowledge As It Is Rightly Said That Knowledge Increases By Sharing But Not By Saving.


What is BackBenchers?

open source educational blogging platform.

Our Vision

• to change the education sphere in the world.
• make it a fun, interactive and affordable place for all.

What domains we deal with?

• Business and Economics
• Commerce
• Engineering
• Personality Development

Our Mission

• growing together, as a community.
• invite content writers, bloggers and educators for a completely new experience.
• build the future of education together.
• educate. enable. empower.

The Big Four! Why?


India prides itself on the fact that the country has one of the largest pools of engineers all over the world. These graduates handle a huge range of operations from development and production to quality check and distribution. Despite being one of the largest suppliers of engineers in the world, India’s engineering education is not at par with the global standards and the requirements of the industries.We,at BackBenchers, therefore want this domain to be talked and taught through and through. As global industries are involved, it is important to understand its significance, have conceptual knowledge and have an engineering mindset. Engineering education in India, therefore, needs to evolve, to be able to cater to the demands of industries all over the world and pave way for the new age engineers.


Business and Economics is the cornerstone of several social issues such as inflation, poverty, unemployment, and human rights. Despite vigorous economic expansion, major hurdles widen the economic and business factor across the nation. India is also the most favorable destination for the foreign investors who are willing to start their business in a nation which has a middle class population of 50 millions, but since the resources for economics and business are so limited and not easily accessible, we, at BackBenchers, aim to bring forth the latest studies, research and expertise in problem-solving skills in order to cultivate a rational method of observing and solving problems in our readers. We help people develop the right skill set in order to invest in worthy jobs that’ll maximise their potential and ultimately lead to their growth.


Commerce education is the backbone of business, trade and industry. Unlike economics, it gives you a much wider but macro level approach. It stresses on making optimum utilization of available resources. But there is an urgent need to modify its structure in order to cope up with the dynamic environment of businesses today. Commerce students face many problems like lack of resources, finance and interaction between industry and students or institutions. To keep pace with growing complexities, the need of the hour is to ensure appropriate change so that the students opting for it will find a place for themselves in the job market. We, at backbenchers strive to bring its learners world-class quality education with practical based knowledge and students-centered method and skillful technique.


Speech and personality development are one of the most important aspects of an individual especially during his/her formative years. Enhancing our communication and speech helps us be better presenters of our ideas.Business is evolving and includes being genuine, authentic and speaking with prospective clients in ways that are new and innovative. You want strategies with real-world application, not fluff ideas that sound nice but leave you empty-handed. These things may not be a part of your educational curriculum but they are equally important and so we, BackBenchers, decided to help you with the courage and tools you need to create a life that’s actually worth living. By working on ourselves and growing to become better individuals, we can uplift those around us and create a more positive planet for everyone.


• brings the perfect win-win opportunity for both you and your learners.

• you can share, collaborate, build and learn and ultimately help the community thrive.

• attach content from a variety of softwares, edit and publish as per your liking.

• learn and grow because you will always be looking for more things to teach your readers.

• give you a sense of recognition that often gets lost.

• only Genuine People that are interested in your content are there on our platform.

• help you extend reach to a newer audience and let you connect with your subscribers.

• we encourage frequent employee recognition and appreciation.